Safe Candy Eating

TitleSafe Candy Eating
ObservationsThe students prepare an activity diagram that explains to a “human robot” how to eat candy safely in a public place during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Target Group4-6th grade.
SubjectMathematics, Social Studies, Science, Environmental Education.
Digital Basic EducationComputational Thinking, Haptic Learning, Real-Life Learning.
Duration45 min
Diagram TypeActivity Diagram
ObservationsOne candy for each child. For each group, one small hand sanitizer bottle (or, children can wash their hands), one A3 or bigger paper, a pile of post-it notes, colored pencils/pens. Remember to consider children’s allergies when picking out the candy. Candy can also be replaced with something else that the children enjoy eating. To speed things up, you can organize children into groups with the equipment before starting the class.