Welcome to Modeling at School

The main aim of the project is to promote skills and competences needed in the 21st century by introducing modeling as teaching and learning strategy and tool in several subjects.  This is an innovative approach to teaching computational thinking and problem solving across the subjects than can also foster creativity, not only in school but also in higher education. In order to support teachers without Computer Science background innovative practices and materials are needed, hence, we will develop and provide free Open Educational Resources (OERs). The development and implementation of an educational pyramid system will allow to bring our innovation to a broad audience in school practice and higher education.

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Modeling across the subjects

Modeling at School aims at integrating modeling in different subjects and different schools by offering a new curriculum.

Modeling is a well-known and important concept in Computer Science, but it happens and is used in all other subjects and daily life, e.g. in the case of mental, verbal and physical modeling or also in form of mathematical formulas. This project wants to make modeling visible for teachers and pupils in order to integrate it as concept and learning tool respectively learning strategy in primary and secondary education. The main aims of the project are:

  • Fostering 21st century skills

    Problem solving, computational thinking, text comprehension in different subjects and as preparation of programming.

  • Introducing modeling techniques

    In school practice as effective teaching and learning tools suitable for all subjects, specifically for STEM and STEAM.

  • Developing a supplementary curriculum

    For the integration of modeling in existing curricula of primary and secondary education.

  • Developing and providing cross-curricular

    And multi-disciplinary teaching units and materials based on findings of educational neuroscience respectively neurodidatics.

Stay tuned and follow our activities

The project will carry out several activities and workshops for children and teachers in all subjects.

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